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About Us

Classically trained in woodworking as a young adult in Czech Republic, owner-operator Frank Tucek with his 30+ years of experience, has worked towards developing a reputation of possessing top-grade woodworking and construction knowledge as well as an acute attention to detail. Since opening our doors in 2008, we have adhered to a level of quality that has not since wavered. Integrity is built into all of our products and interactions.

Our goal is to lead in the custom cabinetry industry with unbeatable value and an inherent quality and uniqueness that will exceed expectations and leave you feeling confident with your decision for years to come, as we don't just sell cabinets - we sell peace of mind.


Inspiration for a craftsman home design remodel in Calgary

Kind Words About Us

In 2011 the great team at Fuzo's did a remodel of my kitchen cabinets. From start to finish of the project they were awesome to work with and the end result is exactly what I pictured in my head when I came to them. I love my kitchen now, they totally came through for me even though this wasn't a huge project for them or big money maker . I was given their time, expertise and respect I have had compliments from everyone who has seen their cabinets, especially the new ones they designed where I had removed a closet. As I run a bed and breakfast many people have seen my kitchen and pretty well everyone has asked who did the cabinets!! I'm extremely glad I found Fuzo Woodworks & Design and hav...